Surveillance/Security Video


IP Video Surveillance is the cornerstone of a security solution. IP video surveillance cameras are placed at building entrances, exists, property perimeters, data centers, schools, parking lots, hallways, banking centers, gaming environments, prisons, airports, seaports, high traffic areas as examples. Recording for evidence in the event of an incident or real-time monitoring to ensure operations are running safely.

Asteri can design customized IP video surveillance solutions for businesses and organizations of any size. Whether the system consists of four IP cameras in a retail store to control liability or thousands of IP cameras across multiple facilities to increase safety. Asteri prides itself on tailoring today’s most innovation IP technologies with the unique needs of its customer.

Asteri works with the top IP video surveillance camera and video management software (VMS) leaders across a variety of industry segments and applications. Today’s environment allows offer a multitude of features for real-time monitoring and recorded IP surveillance video including monitor stations, web clients, and mobile smartphone and tablet use and integration with other security systems including access control, biometrics, and more, to deliver a comprehensive security solution. If you have a system in place that uses the older technology of analog video cameras, you can maximize your existing infrastructure and transition to IP video using your analog cameras with video encoders – appliances that convert images from analog cameras into IP video.

Asteri’s experience and certified partners in IT infrastructure and IP-based security technologies enables our professionals to design customized, cost-effective IP video surveillance solutions across many industry sectors.